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Government Of Assam Revenue & Disaster Management

Our Branch Offices


    1. Land Revenue Branch deals with establishment of Mouzadars and Gaonburha, creation of Circles, Mandal Lots etc.
    2. Settlement Branch deals with formulation of land policies and settlement/allotment of land.
    Survey and demarcation of International, Inter-State and Inter-District Boundaries etc. 3. General Branch deals with the relief/management of natural calamities.
    4. Land Reforms Branch deals with matter5s related to land reforms, sanction of annuity to religious institutions etc.
    5. Relief and Rehabilitation Branch deals with man made disaster.
    6. Registration Branch deals with matter relating to Sub-Registrar Offices.


    1. Director of Land Records & Surveys, Inspector General of Registration, Superintendent of Stamps.
    2. Director of Land Requisition, Acquisition & Reforms
    3. Assam State Disaster Management Authority, looks after disasters.
    4. Assam Survey & Settlement Training Centre for imparting Survey and Settlement Training.
    5. Assam Board of Revenue, which functions independently as an appellate authority having autonomous functions.