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Government Of Assam Revenue & Disaster Management

MNP(Minimum Need Programme) House Site Scheme

  • MNP(Minimum Need Programme) House Site Scheme :

    The Revenue & Disaster Management Department, Government of Assam through the Directorate of Land Requisition,Acquisition and Reforms, Assam has been implementing the “MNP Rural House Sites Schemes for the Landless Agricultural workers” through the Deputy Commissioners/SDO of the Districts/Sub-Division of the State with effect from 1974-75.

    The aim of the Scheme is to provide house site to the rural landless agricultural workers who have no homestead land of their own and whose means of livelihood depends on agricultural activity only. Under this Scheme homestead land measuring upto ½ to 1 Bigha is allotted to each allottee. The land is generally selected from Govt. Khas /Waste land and Ceiling surplus land. Besides land, grant assistance is provided to each allottee @ Rs.2500/- in the following manner:

    • Rs.500/- for development of allotted sites.
    • Rs.2000/- for construction of a house on the allotted land.

    The Deputy Commissioners prepare the list of beneficiaries and place it for approval of the District Land Advisory Committee. The approved list is sent to the Revenue & Disaster Management Department for according necessary sanction.