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Government Of Assam Revenue & Disaster Management

Manmade and Natural Disasters

The SDRF is used for meeting the expenditure for providing immediate relief to the victims of cyclone, draught, earthquake, fire, flood, Tsunami, Hail storm, landslide, avalanche, cloud burst, pest attack, frost & cold wave in the form of Gratuitous Relief, Rehabilitation Grant, Ex-gratia and immediate Repair & Restoration of damage infrastructures of the State.
The aggregate size of the State Disaster Response Fund for the financial years 2015-16 to 2019-2020 is recommended by the 14th Financial Commission at the rate of 90:10 (90% Central share and 10% State share). The breakup of fund for five years (2015-16 to 2019-20) is as follows:
2015-16 Rs. 460
2016-17 Rs. 483
2017-18 Rs. 507
(Amount in crore)
2018-19 Rs. 532
2019-20 Rs. 559
Total       Rs.2548
The share of the Central Govt. of SDRF is remitted to the State in two installments in June and December in each financial year, Likewise, the State Govt. shall also transfer their contribution to the SDRF in two instalments in June and December of the same year.
The Chief Secretary of Assam is the Ex-officio-chairperson of the SEC.
The SEC decides matters connected with the financing of the relief expenditure of immediate nature from SDRF.
State Govt. has declared erosion and lightning as State specific disaster 10% of the SDRF may be utilized for providing relief to the victims of state specific disasters.
5% of annual allocation of SDRF may be kept for capacity building activity of the State as mentioned below:
a) Setting up/strengthening of Emergency Operation Centres (EOCs) in the State.
b) Training / Capacity Building of stakeholders and functionaries in the State.
c) Supporting disaster management centres of State ATIs and other institutions.
d) Preparation of Disaster Management plans based on Hazards, Risk and Vulnerability Analysis.
e) Strengthening of SDMAs and DDMAs.

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Relief and Rehabilitation