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Mutation (Namjari)

How to get “Namjari” (Mutation or Registration) over a land

A) Who can apply
i) Every proprietor or land holder succeeding to any estate, or share in an estate, whether by transfer or inheritance, and obtaining possession of the same ;
ii) Every joint proprietor or joint land holder, or any estate assuming charge of the estate or of any share therein on behalf of the other proprietor or land holders thereof ;
iii) Every person assuming charge of any estate of a proprietor or land holder, or of any share therein as manager ; and
iv) Every mortgage obtaining possession of any estate of a proprietor or land holder, or of any share therein
B) Time allowed for application :
The application may be made within 6 (Six) months from the date of taking possession or assumption of charge failing which a fine may be imposed to the extent @ five times the registration fee.
C) The application for “Nam Jari” may be made in Assam Schedule Form No.10 in case of office mutation (mostly in case of town land) and in Plain Paper in case of Chitha Mutation (mostly in case of village land).
On both the cases, the application should bear a Court Fee Stamp of the value under Article I, Schedule II of the Court Fee Act, 1870.
The heading in application must be filled in and the applicant or his agent must have to furnish one declaration that all the particulars furnished are true to the best of his knowledge and belief. If the application is not in form as above, it shall be returned to the applicant for correction.
The above declaration is mandatory and if a person knowingly subscribe a false verification he will be liable to prosecution U/S 199 of the IPC.
D) Procedure on application for “Nam Jari” :
On registering the application for office mutation the authority will serve notice to the concerned giving time not less than 30 days inviting claims/objection if any.
In case of Chitha Mutation “Nam Jari” will be given promptly upon confirmation of files and possession.
E) Cancellation of “Nam Jari” if aggrieved :
IN case of chitha mutation, if a party is aggrieved against an order passed he may apply within 3 years from date of passing the order to the Circle Officer concerned for cancellation of the order. If the period of 3 years expire, he has to apply before the appellate authority (Deputy Commissioner of the district).
In case of office mutation however the aggrieved party may apply directly to the immediate appellate authority (Deputy Commissioner of the district).